This web store was created out of the frustration experienced each time I needed to order new equipment.  I found that most retail outlets of surveillance equipment have sales personnel that have little or no experience in the use of this equipment, so have no idea as to what is needed to accomplish most covert surveillance missions.  As a result, I have compiled equipment from several reliable sources and offer equipment that I know will work as advertised.  We offer assistance to all of our customers that have questions or concerns about the selection of the proper equipment to meet their surveillance needs.  

We offer a full line of both covert and overt video surveillance equipment as well as GPS Tracking equipment for both real time and data logging (passive) tracking. Tech Surveillance offers professional grade video surveillance equipment and security accessories to residential, commercial, government, private investigators, and law enforcement agencies worldwide.

Our innovative video surveillance products include covert video surveillance cameras, hidden spy cameras, wireless security camera systems, commercial grade video transmitters, recorders, monitors, and remote video surveillance systems. Also included in the inventory of equipment offered are micro miniature cameras, pinhole cameras and other spy equipment. All of our surveillance solutions offer advanced video surveillance and security technology at affordable prices.

Please take a moment to browse through our on line video surveillance and hidden camera catalog.