• BNC and RCA Cable Adapters


    BNC and RCA Cable Adapters    

    Cameras, cables, and DVR connections commonly use either RCA or BNC as the type of plugs/connectors for both video and audio.  Because the connectors can be different on each item, adapters must be used to accommodate the connection.  Please select the appropriate adapter needed from the drop down list.

    Most cameras require the RCA Female to BNC Male  to connect the video from the camera to the video “In” on most hand held DVRs. 

       BNC Female to BNC Female Adapter    

         BNC Female to RCA Male Adapter

      BNC Male to BNC Male Adapter           

            BNC Male to RCA Male Adapter

     RCA Female to BNC Male Adapter    

         RCA Female to RCA Female Adapter

    RCA Male to RCA Male Adapter