DC-TO-DC Power Converter

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DC-to-DC Power Converter   

The DC-to-DC Converter will allow you to operate many of our miniature DVR’s from a 12 VDC (battery) power source. The converter is capable of accepting a 12 VDC input and converting it to a regulated 5 VDC output.  Now you can extend the operating time of your surveillance operation by powering your DVR from any 12 volt DC power source.  This converter is compatible with the Professional Pocket DVR, the Mini Touch Screen DVR, and the Mini Touch Screen DVR with Hard Drive and many other DVR's requiring a 5 VDC input..

The DC-to-DC converter is wired with two barrel power output plugs.  The small barrel plug will fit most 5 volt DC Digital Video Recorders power input plug and the larger barrel plug will fit most 12 VDC cameras.  This will allow you to make one connection to your 12 volt battery and have power plugs to power both your DVR and camera.  The DC-to-DC Converter will provide a regulated 5 volts to the DVR to provide power to the DVR during operation.  The 12 VDC input cables are equipped with alligator clips for connecting to a 12 volt battery.

It is suggested that the battery be removed from your DVR during the use of this DC-to-DC power converter to avoid possible damage to the battery by overcharging it.  Most DVR’s will operate without the battery installed if attached to the DC-to-DC converter or the AC adapter that comes with your DVR. 

NOTE:  Prolonged operation of your DVR using the DC-to-DC converter with the battery installed will result in shortening the life of the battery due to it being overcharged.  The use of the DC-to-DC power converter may void any warranty on the battery of your DVR. 

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