Qwonn QN-B002 Low Light Black and White Video Camera (lux rating of 0.00000001)


The QWONN QN-B002 camera is a black and white camera with a "CS" lens mounting ring. It is ideal for use in low light situations with a lux rating of 0.00000001 (F1.4). Interchangeable lenses can be used on this camera to customize your field of view. The QWONN QN-B002 will accept auto iris as well as manual iris lenses.  This is our best low light camera.

NOTE:  This cameras does not come with a lens.  We do not offer a lens that is 100% compatible with the 1/2" CCD sensor in this camera.  Lenses are available through different retailers. 


  • Resolution: 570 Lines
  • Picture Element: 811 (H) X 508 (V)
  • Lux 0.00000001 Lux (F1.4)
  • Scanning System 2.1 Interlaced
  • Signal to Noise Ratio More Than 50db
  • Sensor: 1/2" Interline Transfer
  • Sync System: Internal
  • Scanning System: 2:1 Interlace
  • Video Output: 1.0 V p-p 75 ohms (Unbalanced) BNC
  • Lens Mount: "CS" Mount
  • Auto Iris: DC and Video type (Switchable)
  • Power: 12V DC + 10%
  • Operating Temp: -10ºC - +40º C
  • Storage Temp: -30ºC - +70º C
  • Dimensions: 34mm (V) X 35.5mm (H) X 63.6mm (D) or less